What is REC?

It is a regional competition that aims to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among university students in the Middle East, from various academic levels, to enable them to convert their creative ideas into successful business plans for products and services of high economic value. 

Who are the REC partners?

They are: 

  1. Conference of Rectors in the Middle East (CONFREMO)
  2. AgenceUniversitairede la Francophonie 
  3. Alexandria University
  4. Chambrede Commerceet d’Industrie Française en Egypte 
  5. IBDL Foundation
  6. French Chambers of commerce and Industry abroad(CCFE)

What are REC stages?

The Regional Entrepreneurship Competition – REC is comprised of several competitive stages (Registration stage, Assessment stage, E-Learning stage, Ideation Form stage, and Final Pitching stage). 

How can I apply to the competition?

Fill out a detailed form that includes personal data, and a summary containing basic information about the project’s idea, the target market, its investment feasibility, and the competitive advantage of the product or service provided. 

What is the E-Learning stage?

  1. Providing personal assessment in entrepreneurship to participants 
  2. Entrepreneurship experts providing advice and guidance  
  3. E-Learning in management and entrepreneurship skills 
  4. This phase ends with the submission of the action plan by the participating team 

What is the Final Pitching stage?

The Final Pitching stage takes place online and is the first major hurdle for students participating in the Regional Entrepreneurship Competition – REC. Student teams submit their ideation plan’s executive summaries online from July 6th to July 10th, 2020. Each ideation plan’s executive summary is read and scored by 5 to 9 judges who are encouraged to provide written feedback for students. After the pitching stage, an announcement of only three teams advancing to the Final competition for the ranking between the three winning teams is sent via email. 

What are the applying conditions?

  1. The student must be enrolled in a university that is a CONFREMO member 
  2. The student should present an innovative project idea that meets a social or economic need in the society 
  3. Each student participating in this competition must belong to one team (a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 5 students per team)
  4. The participating teams must not have established their startups yet
  5. Each team should discuss the idea of only one project 
  6. The team should not have previously participated with the idea of its project in any local, regional or international competition
  7. Each team should prepare a brief presentation discussing their project (no more than 3 minutes) to be presented to a jury composed of experts and professionals in this field who will select the winning teams
  8. Each participating team must fill out one form to participate in the competition, which is available on the competition’s website