It is a regional competition that aims to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among university students in the Middle East, from various academic levels, to enable them to convert their creative ideas into successful business plans for products and services of high economic value. The contest vision stems from its interest in stimulating the concept of inclusive leadership.

Alexandria University is pleased to launch the first edition of this important competition in the framework of its strategic plan for CONFREMO as the president of the conference for a period of two years.
We promise to elevate the entrepreneurs with training, expertise, tools, and resources to start their own venture.
Whether you are in the idea stage, early stage, growth stage or beyond, we will help you discover your ideas, skills, and engage you with a network of mentors.


It includes:
- Entrepreneurial students at universities.
- University students from all academic levels (Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates).
- Faculty members can participate provided that the majority of the team members are students.



Alexandria University is a national educational research and development institution integrated into the production and dissemination of knowledge.


Alexandria Business Association is an independent not for profit organization that represents the business community in Alexandria since 1983


The City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications is an Egyptian research facility inaugurated in 2000


The Conference of Rectors of the Middle East Region (CONFREMO) was established in 2007 under the aegis of AUF. It brings together 46 Rectors across 12 countries in the region.


The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie is an association of Francophone higher education and research establishments. It brings 990 academic institutions from 118 countries.


International Business Driving License was founded in 2007 in USA. –It is globally certified and accredited by the prestigious Management Development Institute, International – MDI of Missouri State University.


FEPS is a Center of Excellence and Entrepreneurship hub that aims to empower a generation of start-ups, who can dynamically support the Egyptian economic growth, by providing diversified and entrepreneurial services for youth.


Initiated and conceived by the “AUF” as part of its «CNEUF» program “Campus of the New Francophone Universities”


Created in 1992, by French and Egyptian businessmen, with the support of the French Embassy in Egypt.
The reference in Franco-Egyptian commercial relations.